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Racer the Cloud & Ramshackle the Rabbit

The story of Racer the Cloud and Ramshackle the Rabbit illustrates the importance of slowing down, paying attention to friends around you and making your little patch.

Jack and Erin

Jack and Erin is a story about endurance and hope. In spite of the storms and turbulence of yesteryear, new life springs forth in the threads that we weave together.

Stripe the Cloud And Lizzie the Lamb

The story about Stripe the Cloud and Lizzie the Lamb sheds some insight about why it is important to listen carefully to those who have the responsibility of keeping us safe.

Squiggles And Riggles the Squirrels

Squiggles the Squirrel and Riggles the Squirrel are twin squirrels. Sally the Squirrel taught both of her sons to take care of themselves before she went to live at the edge of the forest.

Puffy the Cloud and Bristle the Porcupine

Puffy the Cloud and Bristle the Porcupine is another book in the Rainbow Arches Nursery School Series. The Rainbow Arches Nursery is in the sky just above Featherwood.

Shadow the Cloud and Ripples the Frog

This story about explores the ability of discovering the depth of friendship when times are difficult. The loyalty of a good friend sustains us when times are challenging.

Dollop the Cloud and Dee the Bee

Introducing Dee the Bee and Dollop the Cloud doing their very best to help others in their daily routine. There are many ways to see things and these two do their very best to help.

Gusty the Cloud and Streakie The Snail

This story is situated in Featherwood Forest, located on the edge of the Village of Ticklefield. The Rainbow Arches Nursery School is where all the little clouds go to school.

Patch the Cloud and Turnover the Turtle

The story shows that we are indeed all connected. Turnover the Turtle helps patch the Cloud to be ‘earthed’ and Turnover the Turtle teaches Patch the Cloud some lessons too.

Cozy The Pine Tree And Swaylee the Elm

The story is about life, death and endurance of friendship. No matter what the season brings, the greening of spring, to winter’s depletion, friendship endures.

Chummy The Cloud and Ella The Eagle

Chummy the Cloud and Ella the Eagle is another story in the Featherwood Forest Series. Featherwood Forest stands next to the Village of Ticklefield, close to the nursery.

Ann Ferry About the Author

The author, Ann Ferry, was born in Derry, Northern Ireland in 1948. She is the daughter of Elizabeth Johnston Ferry and Peter Leo Ferry. She was born in 20 Lower Nassau Street and moved to Creggan Estate when she was four years old. Rita, Patricia, Daniel, Peter, Christine, Rosemary and Eileen are her seven siblings. Patricia died at birth and Christine was tragically killed in a car accident in 1974 at age 20. Ann Ferry attended the Long Tower Primary School, St. Mary’s School, Creggan and Thornhill College in Derry, Northern Ireland.

When she was eighteen years old she joined a Religious Congregation and remains a member of this Religious Congregation. Further education included four years at one of the University of London’s Colleges. She then spent a year studying in Rome, Italy. She was a teacher in the Congregation’s High School in Mullingar, Ireland for three years and when that School closed she was sent by the Religious Congregation to teach in the United States.

After moving to the States, Ann taught in Syracuse, New York, Rockford, Illinois and Newton, Massachusetts. Subsequently she was asked by the Religious Congregation to go to Law School to work with indigent people. She graduated from the New England School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts, passed the Bar and began working in a local Law firm specializing in Family Law. Since 1989, Ann Ferry has been practicing law in the Boston Juvenile Court in Boston working exclusively with Care and Protection matters. These cases involved the serious neglect and abuse of children.

Ann Ferry decided to write RAINBOW ARCHES NURSERY SCHOOL SERIES some time after her friend, Sister Macrina O’ Sullivan died in 2006. The stories are penned in memory of Sister Macrina who was the Founder, Director and teacher at the Rainbow Nursery School in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

The books, while written for children, involve themes that are dear to the heart of all who read them. The books deal with friendship, care, compassion, loyalty, separation, loss, death, hope, faith, love, environmental concerns, fear, emotional heath issues and all those things that make us who we are as human beings with all the joys and trials that we have to embrace and endure as we make our way through life.

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Today is a very exciting day for me, Its the day that I am opening my own website. This website, and the books in the Rainbow Arches Nursery School Series, are dedicated to Sister Macrina O’Sullivan. She has been the inspiration for these books and today we are taking it one step further to making the books, and her stories come to life.

This website will focus on the books that I have written and that are inspired by Sister O’Sullivan. It will act as a point of information, and signpost to the points of sale of the books.

We are also excited to show off our new logo and face of the books that has been designed by Fearghal. Fearghal has captured the ideas and general direction I am going with these books, and expressed them in this clear and fun logo for us to use.

We are excited to be sharing these books with you and hope that you and your children enjoy them.

All The Best,

Ann Ferry

Ann Ferry was recently interviewed by Ursula Duddy of the Derry News under the Headline Amazing Ann: nun, attorney and author.We thank Ursula and the Derry News for kindly allowing us to publish the article on our site.

The article was printed in Ireland on Monday 2nd January 2012.

”A Derry woman who is a nun, American attorney and more recently a children’s author has been speaking about her amazing life….. ”

Click on the smaller image to read the full story.

WITTY THE WISE OLD OWL Gathered all the animals of Featherwood Forest around him. He wanted to make sure each of them know that a very special time of year. Crackle the Crow was quiet for once in his life as he perched on top of one of Cozy the Pine Tree’s branches. Turnover the Turtle tried to hurry to the center of the Forest and Streakie the Snail was already there. Streakie had started her journey to the center of the forest very early when she heard that Witty the wise Owl had some thing to tell them. Forrie the Fox and Harriet the Hare sat together. Dee the Bee flew in with the most fashionable hat anyone had ever seen. Witty flapped his wings. Everyone was silent.

He said in his loudest voice “I want to remind you that a very special time of year is coming. Christmas is coming. We are all waiting for the birth of the baby Jesus. Remember when he was born, it was the animals kept him warm in a very cold cave. It is therefore a very special time for all of us. It is a very special time for animals who at a very special place beside Jesus at his birth. Jesus is a gift from God. All things in the sky and all things on the earth are truly gifts from God.”

“Very soon too…” Witty the Wise Owl continued “…we will be reminded of the three kings who visited the Christ child shortly after he was born. These men sank, knees deep, heads bowed, hearts on fire before this infant. These men, wise and well traveled, who always looked to the skies and the stars, had pushed themselves beyond the comfort of their own country to bring gifts and pay homage to this very special baby. It did not matter that they found poverty because they came away with a richness that would seal them for the rest of their lives. It did not matter that they found simplicity. Their lives back home would become less complicated. It did not matter that they found a little family who could not exert any power at the Inn and were left to fend for themselves in the dark and cold of night. The kings had found a peace that would propel them into a new way lof looking at the skies, a new way of being with each other. They in turn became a gift.

As you all know, we have the Rainbow Arches Nursery School right overhead. Even Mrs. Cloudburst, the teacher of all the little clouds in the sky who go to the Rainbow Arches Nursery School knows, that it takes years of searching, of trying to reach for the stars, of straining to see something twinkle in the dark, of being attentive to the movements of our inner journeys to finally realize that we, as animals of Featherwood Forest, as Clouds in the Rainbow Arches Nursery School, as shepherds, drummer boys and girls, kings, all of us reflect the GIFT OF GOD that gives this worlds the twinkle it yearns for. Let us try and work and move in this forest with a love of all things around us and beyond us. It is what we are to do during our time in the forest. Some day, when our work is done here, we will go way beyond the Rainbow Arches Nursery School and twinkle with the stars. A merry Christmas everyone.”

Everyone was very quiet after Witty the Wise Old Owl spoke. They went back to their burrows and nests and rocks to think about what he had said. In their hearts they got excited about Christmas thinking about a little baby whose eyes twinkled in the dark.

I have never thought of myself as an author. I have always loved to write poetry and thought of myself as a bit of a poet. I have written poems for friends, for funerals, for marriages. That is what I like to do. The Rainbow Arches Nursery School evolved when my friend, Sister Macrina O”Sullivan died. She was the Founder, Director and teacher at the Rainbow Nursery School in Chestnut Hill in Massachusetts.

I am a lawyer and work in Boston Juvenile Court. I deal with child abuse and neglect cases. At dinner each night Macrina would regale us with stories about the children in her care. These stories were so much fun to listen to. They also stood in stark contrast to the experiences I had in court each day. We lived in the same house for twenty years. We worked in two different worlds for twenty years. When she died the children in the Nursery School did not know where she went. I wrote Cozy the Pine Tree and Swaylee the Elm in Featherwood Forest. This book deals with death and change and the ultimate transformation these bring to all of our lives.

Featherwood Forest was born as a result of that book. The Rainbow Arches Nursery School evolved as a result of that book. All these books are written in memory of one of the greatest story tellers of our time. No one benefited from Macrina’s stories except the people who lived with her and the children she taught. The other teachers in her Rainbow Nursery School too, were mesmerized by her story telling.

I have written five additional books for children in the Rainbow Arches Nursery School series. There are many more on the way. I trust that the books reflect the care and concern and love that Macrina shared as she journeyed through her own ‘forest’ of life.

Inspiration About the Books

Sister Macrina O’ Sullivan is the inspiration and the spirit behind the Rainbow Arches Nursery School Series. Sister Macrina was born in Limerick, Ireland.

She entered the convent when she was sixteen years old and was a Missionary Franciscan Sister until her death in 2006. After her initial training as a young nun, Sister Macrina was sent to the United States to teach. She taught young children all her life. In 1989 she opened the Rainbow Nursery School in Newton Massachusetts. The Nursery School flourished under her direction. There she continued to develop the magic of teaching children. In particular, she was at her greatest when she told stories to the children.

She could capture the hearts and engage the imagination of very young children in her care who, on a daily basis, were riveted by her gentle Irish lilt and embraced by her gentle nature. Sister Macrina soaked their world with color. She was vivacious, energetic and brimming over with enthusiasm and vitality in her gift as a story teller. Sister Macrina was a peace bringer. She was a gift giver. Very soon she became the essence of that Peace and that Gift. She spoke with great ease of God in her life. She mined God’s Word and ultimately became that Word for all of us who were privileged to know and love her.

These stories are for you Macrina. I hope you love them and enjoy them as much as I have delighted in penning them in your memory.

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